At Bemis Advanced Technology Group we pride ourselves in our ability to offer the absolute latest in Injection and Extrusion technology.

More than just a supplier of parts, we partner with our customers, utilizing our expertise from product and tool design through product development and project management.

Key raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers form our Strategic Alliances Program, allowing us to complete your project — from idea to reality in the shortest period of time possible.

Profile Extrusion
Plastics profile extrusion is a manufacturing process that produces a continuously formed profile which is used for high-volume part production.

Our complex extrusion profile systems have enabled the ability to spray, punch, thermoform, combine materials, create custom color on the fly, saw, and optically monitor dimensions in order to generate precise parts and spool and water-jet extruded parts in-line, limiting cost and inconsistencies.

Whether your profile is .030” or 30.0”, commodity or engineering materials, complex or simple, we will provide to you superior solutions.

Our plastics extrusion process benefits offer:

  • Precision parts
  • Environmentally friendly materials that utilize recycled plastics or natural virgin material
  • High-volume, low-cost production
  • Capability to combine dissimilar materials
  • Reduction in weight

In addition to our profile extrusion capabilities, we also offer injection molding as well as design, engineering and assembly services.