AeroCat is part of a strategic collaboration of best-in-class market leaders.
WHY: Because our offering should provide more than just a lightweight trolley to create a successful optimization of your catering logistics.

You may expect more from us. That’s why world class suppliers are working together.

Your catering optimization team consists of:

  • AeroCat  : Supplier of airline (catering) polymer solutions
  • Solvay  : Specialty Polymers
  • Bemis  : Market leader in Injection and Extrusion Technology
  • Zetes  : European market leader in RFID solutions
  • Econocom  : European market leader in Financial solutions
  • Gate  : World market leader in catering solutions

And not to forget the strong partners that enable this product:

  • Promolding : Dutch market leader in polymer product innovations & design
  • AIS-International : EASA Part 21 subpart G; DOA EASA AP 345 and EASA part 145 certfied organization